EyesandFeet – know your competitor activity on social platform

EyesandFeet - Competition check on social platforms

Companies and businesses are leveraging the benefits of social media, customers are being engaged andĀ  acquired through social networks. If you are worried that your competitors are doing well in the social platform and how you can counter it and remain competent in this social platform, here is a startup called Eyesandfeet which will empower you in getting social footfall for your business.

Eyesandfeet is a chennai based startup founded by Lakshmanan Narayan, an IIT M and IIM C alumnus. EyesandFeet is primarily targeting clients based out of US and its in Beta stage currently and nearly 500 clients are using in 10 cities in US.

Eyesandfeet has developed a web application that helps company/local business owners to figure out what their immediate neighbours and competitors are doing on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc and kind of business they get by actively engaging users on these networks.

EyesandFeet has mainly two modules – See Module and Do Module. Eyesandfeet is developingĀ  a very comprehensive and usable database of local business social media activity and it constitutes the See Module. In Do Module Eyesandfeet handholds the local business and guide them what to do and also help in in customizing for Facebook, twitter and other social platforms.

EyesandFeet also has scoring system in place, local business gets score based on how they are doing it and they can assess their score by comparing it with their competitors.

Certainly! a great social measurement tool for Small and medium sized local businesses.

-Hitesh, vcBytes.com