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Most of the people find it difficult to maintain medical records and doesn’t find them when its needed the most , Healthizen is here to solve this problem This portal allows user¬† to upload their medical details – from their weight and height, doctor prescriptions, lab tests results, details of surgeries undergone, X-Ray, MRI scan, ECG and other reports.

Details on the portal are accessible anytime, anywhere and user need not carry their files and records of medical history every time they  visit a doctor.

Healthizen is a pune based startup founded by Anand Anupam, an IIT-IIM graduate. Healthizen mission is to have centralized information platform and reduce the information asymmetry in the health care space and develop the system by placing patients at the center of the ecosystem.

Ina addition to providing a ready-to-use platform for online storage, this portal has also a panel having doctors and health experts, who help the users with general health tips as well as second opinion whenever required.

Healthizen has a big shopping section where a user can find health related products like health food, specialized health accessories, portable testing equipments etc.


Lets have a look at the monthly traction at Healthizen:

Unique visitors
Unique visitor
Page views
Total visits
Avg visits per visitor
Avg time on site

Its a decent statistics to begin with, check out Healthizen and share your views.


  • Ramesh

    Good resource about, I fail to understand the stat you have mentioned. How come two times Unique visitors and Unique visitor can differ by half. The Google Ad planner provides the data it gets through the cookies!

  • davita

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