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StratosHear, a leading mobile media company, yesterday announced the launch of MobiAdz, its premium mobile advertisingnetwork. With MobiAdz, StratosHear has expanded its mobile advertising offerings from rich audio advertising to include mobile Internet ad formats—such as banner, video and text—and has emerged as the one-stop solution for all advertisers embracing the mobile medium.

StratosHear has deep experience working with leading telecom operators to ad-enable their subscriber base through its multi-channel, telco-grade ad platform. StratosHear has worked with top global and national brands to deliver excellent brand campaign results with its AdRBT product that delivers radio-style ad placement on caller tunes.

The company has leveraged this experience in designing MobiAdz from the ground up. Furthermore, they have incorporated artificial intelligence—or self-learning—into the proprietary algorithms that power MobiAdz and that are used to ensure optimal ad targeting and strong campaign results. As such, the MobiAdz engine goes beyond the traditional ad networkapproach to deliver advanced campaign optimization techniques for its publisher and advertiser partners.

MobiAdz has received an incredible reception from the marketplace. Over 100 publishers across various verticals have registered with MobiAdz, which is now serving tens of millions of ad impressions per month across 200 countries.

MobiAdz uniquely positioned to offer the broadest set of mobile advertising solutions that can reach the breadth of mobile consumers, from the entry level handset to the highest end smart phone user, and from a rural village in India to anywhere in the world.”

Publishers too will benefit from StratosHear’s launch of MobiAdz. The company’s approach of having a strong media sales team in-house to reach the broadest set of advertisers for both brand and performance campaigns, will help publishers to more effectively monetize their inventory.

The idea of most consumers having their mobile device with them at all times coupled with the emerging technologies being built into today’s devices, bring a wealth of opportunity to marketers. With MobiAdz, advertisers are able to fine-tune their campaigns based on their needs and to measure performance based on metrics and real-time reporting. The ultimate result? More effective campaigns and a stronger return on investment.

Direct Competitors – AdMob (bought by Google) and Inmobi (backed by Sherpalo ventures and KPCB)


  • AMK

    No issues with any form advt, unless n until they start to choke the peace n privacy of users.
    Also now sms or such mechanisms of advt should also have an auto inbuilt expiry period and auto delete of msgs…i mean, i m very lazy :( and want my smart phones full of memory all the time !!! Its your advt. you delete, why i… Let me see if ArtificaI Intelligence (AI) is really working :)