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PopAbook is startup which is joining the crowded online bookstore space. PopAbook is founded by Praveen an ex motorola architect and very passionate about books which propelled him to develop an ecommerce site on books which will improve browsing and shopping experience.

Popabook besides selling new books also sell old/used books with 50-60% discount on MRP, this is the differentiating factor from the existing online bookstores. Popabook also allow users(buyers) to sell their books, there is simple work flow has been implemented to sell books. In short popabook is aiming to become a marketplace to trade books.


Popabook claims to have 1lac new books and 30k used books in their inventory under 30 categories. 10% is standard discount user can get across all books and it can go upto 20%, all shipments are free irrespective of ticket size. I ordered a book “Management and Entrepreneurship” by Kanishka Bedi priced at Rs. 180/- and availed 10% discount so final amount i paid was Rs.162/-, surprisingly the same book at Flipkart is priced Rs. 185/- and no discount in the offering

Popabook is quite unconventional, for instance its totally secured site i.e you see “https” through out, even home page is secured. But i wonder does homepage has to be secured? not good design as per me.

Popabook user interface is quite simple and intuitive, checkout process is highly simple (i rechecked twice to believe its been done).

Try Popabook and share your feedback.

-Hitesh, vcBytes.com

  • http://marketingchitchat.wordpress.com Kanupriya

    Another online book site? Seems like the same bandwagon as it happened in case of movie rental or travel sites. Let’s see, how does this site perform as against already existing players in the market. Maybe will buy my next book from this one to experience it :)

  • admin

    I got the book delivered on 3rd day, quite good service.

  • https://www.popabook.com Praveen

    We have created a e-book for buying and selling used books. Its FREE and you can download it @ Value of used books at Slide share