In this  ”Walk the Talk with an Entrepreneur” session I am presenting to you an interesting interview with Ketan Kapoor, CEO and CoFoudnder of Mettl, an online assessment platform startup.

* Please describe sequence of events (specifics) that led to your founding team into solving this problem.

— Myself and Tonmoy were classmates during school. Tonmoy had just returned from Belgium and met me while I was looking for my next big idea. We started talking about addressing the employability issue in India . Then we started off a training and assessments organization. In this process, we realized that … Read more

Walk the Talk with an Entrepreneur – Ketan Kapoor of ...

TurnOff 1

Start up killers are those said statements that may lose the funding for the entrepreneur. When pitching to investors about the new product and business proposition, there is some moment when you know that you have lost your listener. One misspoken comment and everyone wants to leave as soon as possible. Lets look at few turn offs TurnOff

No Competition

There is always competition. In some way customers are fulfilling their needs today. Competition can be as simple as continuing to do things as they are doing them today. Never ever say there is no competition. Investors look for proven … Read more

How to loose VC in 30minutes

If you are an entrepreneur, there is high probability of you meeting a VC and discussing about your venture and business plan. VCs, you must remember is a group of individuals that are seeking to make profitable investments in fast growing companies.

VC asks Entrepreneur

Beside focusing your attention on the unique qualities of your business, spend some time and work on the anticipated return on investment. VC firms often want to see companies that will produce returns in excess of 30% per year on a compounded annualized basis.

Lets look at the common questions VC asks an entrepreneur –

How much capital Read more

Common Questions VC asks

Off late i have been meeting lot of entrepreneurs and thought of sharing reality checks that may be useful to become successful

Time is Money –

Last week i met a founder of a startup and was quite upset to find they took 2 years to develop the product and still not released in the market. They wanted to make so called “Perfect Product” which unfortunately doesn’t exist. They lost enormous time, opportunity to cash in from the product and end result is way beyond their perfect product definition.

So in order to succeed company needs to launch the product … Read more

Reality Checks for Entrepreneurs

You have founded a startup, prototype is done, some beta users paying some or no money and you approach a VC for series A fund. VC would be interested in knowing your product, market size and also the pre-money Valuation.

So What is pre-money valuation and and how do you determine the pre-money valuation set on the company.Pre-money refers to the valuation of a company or asset prior to an investment or financing. Where does it come from? It mainly depends on the space/industry the company is trying to foray and also into the stage of the company. There is … Read more

About Pre-money Valuation