EyesandFeet - Competition check on social platforms

EyesandFeet - Competition check on social platforms

Companies and businesses are leveraging the benefits of social media, customers are being engaged and  acquired through social networks. If you are worried that your competitors are doing well in the social platform and how you can counter it and remain competent in this social platform, here is a startup called Eyesandfeet which will empower you in getting social footfall for your business.

Eyesandfeet is a chennai based startup founded by Lakshmanan Narayan, an IIT M and IIM C alumnus. EyesandFeet is primarily targeting clients based out of US and its in Beta stage currently and nearly 500 clients are … Read more

EyesandFeet – know your competitor activity on social platform


Flipkart, India’s largest online bookstore today announced that it has acquired weRead, the largest social network based book recommendation and review platform. Though the acquisition amount wasn’t disclosed.

The weRead acquisition allows Flipkart to leverage advanced recommendation technologies and social graph information to enhance customer experience. With more than 3 million readers and 60 million books, weRead captures user-generated information such as who, within your social network, has marked a book as a favourite, detailed reviews and user ratings of books.

The weRead application is available across all popular social network sites such as Facebook, Orkut, Yahoo, MySpace … Read more

Flipkart acquires Weread from Lulu

There was a strong buzz in the internet space that Facebook is going to launch its email service and most likely to compete with gmail aka gmail killer, Facebook put an end to all such speculations yesterday.

Facebook announced the launch of their new messaging service that envelopes  e-mail, instant messages, Facebook messages and SMS.

Salient Features of Facebook messaging service –

  • New messaging system is designed to save all messages, meaning users will have a history of their communications.
  • New messaging system will work with other e-mail systems, such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo mail.
  • The new messaging system
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Facebook messaging system and its salient features

RockMelt is way different from other normal web browsers, its a social browser. User you can browse with your friends on the left, your favorite sites on the right, and search up top.

It is a realtime browser, which means all the Facebook updates and online status of your friends are notified and also gets notification when your favorite sites, blogs are updated with new information.

-Hitesh, vcBytes.com… Read more

RockMelt- Social Browser