I had an opportunity to attend a session on High tech product management at recently concluded Nasscom Product Conclave Meet. Session was phighly useful. I am highlighting one topic from the session which is “Lifecycle of a product”.

The Product Lifecycle Stages:

Product Life Cycle

Development – this is the most costly stage of the cycle as there are no revenues to support development efforts. Losses occur in the short-term, as precious resources are allocated to development efforts.

Introduction – Product is introduced in the market, in this stage losses continue due to high costs and low revenues. There is little or no Read more

Lifecycle of a Software Product

B2B marketing

Have you ever pondered how B2B marketing differs from B2C marketing?  B2C space is much more sophisticated about sales & marketing because they operate in markets with millions of potential customers. Most B2B companies serve addressable markets numbering in thousands.

B2B markets are altogether a different market and need different approach to market it. B2B markets are generally small and intimate compared with B2C markets. So what you should do in B2B market – My advise would be to know your market, nurture your market and feed the sales team.

Invest resources in data gathering, data maintenance and CRM despite … Read more

B2B Marketing

Viral marketing is fastest growing marketing methods in the online industry. Viral Marketing a vital advertising technique that quickly spreads the message of your products and services. In this modern era business entities are realizing the significance of Viral Marketing. Viral marketing is one of the most cost efficient and effective forms of online marketing.

Viral marketing campaigns promote websites by driving targeted traffic to site, it really boosts site SEO,   increase brand awareness, gain incoming links, visibility and awareness of the site. If Viral campaigns designed and have right messaging are capable to grown on its own and spread … Read more

Viral Marketing

Practo Dashboard


If you are a doctor or a group of doctor running a clinic and finding it tedious to collect patient information and manage it, here is good news for you. Practo, developed by Naabo Soltuon, a bangalore based startup which provides SaaS based online practice management software for individual doctors who practice independently, small and medium size clinics to manage their practice and provide better services to their patients.

Practo automatically reminds your patients about their appointments and also does scheduling. Practo allows you to save patient records, photos related to treatments in a systetmatic fashion, but also take … Read more

Practo – patient management software

Affiliate program

E-commerce ventures have suddenly taken off in india since couple of years and lot many players foraying into this segment, some selling books, flowers, apparels, shoes etc. Important marketing and acquisition tool for ecommerce portals are affiliate programs. Affiliate program is form of marketing by which you drive traffic from one website to another.

Affiliate program

Let’s investigate if affiliate program is really helpful and the need for your ecommerce portal. You may need to find the answers for these queries –

  • First and foremost question is does your product will appeal affiliates to sell, is it good enough users will buy
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Is your ecommerce venture ready for affiliate program?