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If you are starting up a venture and you are not very competent in terms of writing code, should you outsource the development work or set up a tech team to do it. I am often asked by business entrepreneurs if they should outsource the development of their initial prototype. Outsourcing is considered cool as it can be a relatively inexpensive and fast way to create a product.  Though cost savings are real but there is level of risk associated with it. There could be scenarios where entrepreneurs can find themselves with a product that needs to be rebuilt, often … Read more

Should startups outsource their product development?


KineticGlue, an enterprise focused social collaboration company today announced the acquisition of Injoos, a company building social media tools for the enterprise. The acquisition expands KineticGlue’s offerings and will accelerate its own product development. KineticGlue is Bangalore based company founded in 2008 by design expert Meeta Malhotra and Vivek Paul(formely CEO of Wipro Technology)

Injoos was founded in 2008 by Jagdish Vasishtha and Srinivas Seshadri, both formerly with Infosys.  Injoos team-ware organizes both content and collaboration technologies around team-based goals and enables contextual use of these technologies.Teams can quickly start working on projects and collaborate with friendly tools … Read more

Injoos acquired by KinecticGlue

Blue star Infotech

Blue star Infotech a provider of software solutions for the global mid-market space has launched a new Web 2.0 based Enterprise Social Computing (ESC) platform that will act as a catalyst to empower enterprises to innovate and facilitate co-creation of products and services, achieve better collaboration, information sharing and knowledge management. BSI will target enterprises primarily from the manufacturing and consumer goods sector.

The ESC platform, targeted towards the Indian mid market segment, is built on BSI’s Visibility, Control and Optimize (VCO) vision for the mid-market space. The platform has elements such as ‘Open Minds’ that will facilitate ideation, innovation … Read more

Enterprise Social Computing platform launched by Blue Star Infotech

As a product manager/developer how many times you have been surprised by how user uses your system. From my own product management experience, I have noticed that users sometimes use products in scenarios that product managers hadn’t necessarily considered as primary use case and users are hooked to your secondary or not so relevant use case in your product.

Ship early Ship Often - Product Version 2.0

Products evolve after the v1.0 of the product is out in the market, markets tends to drive the future versions of the product. So you got to ship early, collect, collate and consume the user reaction, market feedback and ship the

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Ship early Ship often

Good Design

There are endless ways to innovate in design and new technologies are offering more and more opportunities to do so.  Lets us briefly go through the 10 simple guidelines for Good design I firmly believe in –

Good design makes a product useful

A product is meant to be used. It must satisfy certain needs, not only functional, but also psychological and aesthetic. Good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product and removes anything that can detract from it.

Good design is aesthetic

Products we use every day affect our personality and our well-being. Hence, their aesthetics are critical. However, … Read more

10 commandments of Good Design