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As a product manager/developer how many times you have been surprised by how user uses your system. From my own product management experience, I have noticed that users sometimes use products in scenarios that product managers hadn’t necessarily considered as primary use case and users are hooked to your secondary or not so relevant use case in your product.

Ship early Ship Often - Product Version 2.0

Products evolve after the v1.0 of the product is out in the market, markets tends to drive the future versions of the product. So you got to ship early, collect, collate and consume the user reaction, market feedback and ship the

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Ship early Ship often

Website Usability

Have you received feedback that your web site is not very user friendly or in other words hard to navigate and difficult to find the desired product? Are your users “dropping off” your site after only a couple of minutes or page views?

If so, take some time to focus on your site’s “usability” – the golden ticket to an engaging online experience. If your site visitors can find information quickly and easily, and feel comfortable navigating your site, you are one (very important) step closer to “converting” them – the industry term for getting a visitor to take action, Read more

Is your e-commerce website user friendly?

Great news for Product Managers in India, IPMA (India Product Management Association) announces launch event in Bangalore, which is supported by IIM Bangalore on Sun Nov 28th2010. We are excited and honored to have Ramkumar Narayanan, Vice President of Product Management, Marketing and User Experience at Yahoo, inaugurate IPMA and kick start the monthly speaker series. You can check out Ram’s bio here.

Ram will be speaking about How to build killer products for global markets from India

There are growing number of software (consumer, enterprise, mobile) products that are made in India and
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IPMA launches Product Management event

I had an opportunity to attend a session on High tech product management at recently concluded Nasscom Product Conclave Meet. Session was phighly useful. I am highlighting one topic from the session which is “Lifecycle of a product”.

The Product Lifecycle Stages:

Product Life Cycle

Development – this is the most costly stage of the cycle as there are no revenues to support development efforts. Losses occur in the short-term, as precious resources are allocated to development efforts.

Introduction – Product is introduced in the market, in this stage losses continue due to high costs and low revenues. There is little or no Read more

Lifecycle of a Software Product

Cross Selling

Cross SellingCross selling is an attempt to sell additional products to current customers to whatever they are already buying. It can be as simple as the bar tender asking if you want peanuts masala  to go with your drinks.

How to adopt Cross Selling

  • Own its own – Many cross-selling opportunities arise naturally. If you are selling tennis racquets, for example, you can also offer a bag, balls. To gain the extra sale, you might simply have to mention that the other products or services are available.
  • Be relevant – If you overload customers with too many unrelated cross-selling suggestions, you
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Cross Selling