Vizury Interactive, an online advertising network has raised investments from early stage VC firm Ojas Venture Partners, deal size hasn’t been disclosed.

Vizury is a technology start-up in the internet advertising space. We help advertisers achieve optimal Return on Advertising Investment(RoAI) for their internet advertising campaigns through a proprietary technology platform.

Vizury Interactive was founded in 2008 by an IIT-IIM alumni team led by Chetan Kulkarni with strong business & technology experience in the internet advertising space across international markets.

Vizury flagship platform is called as Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) which empowers advertisers to engage their website drop-off users Read more

Vizury raises investments from Ojas

Supply Chain Management

A successful profit-driven organization is one that achieves a good level of profitability. In order to do this, there is a need for an effective supply chain management software. The efficacy level of the said chain relies greatly on the supply chain management software as a services.

Defined as the control of materials, information, finances and other resources Read more

Supply Chain Management Software as a Service

Small and medium scale enterprises have enormous tools now to promote their product and services. Search engine keyword programs like Google AdWords and other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns have proven to be an exceptionally inexpensive method for generating web traffic, qualified leads, and online web-sale revenues.

Google Adword Campaign

Determining how much daily budget to set aside; knowing the right amount to spend per-click; and assessing ROI, can be much more difficult tasks

Key Considerations-

  • Product Price – what is the online selling price for your product?
  • Incurred Cost – Determine your cost for each unit of product sold.
  • Lead Conversion % –
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How to determine ROI for online campaigns

If you are an entrepreneur, there is high probability of you meeting a VC and discussing about your venture and business plan. VCs, you must remember is a group of individuals that are seeking to make profitable investments in fast growing companies.

VC asks Entrepreneur

Beside focusing your attention on the unique qualities of your business, spend some time and work on the anticipated return on investment. VC firms often want to see companies that will produce returns in excess of 30% per year on a compounded annualized basis.

Lets look at the common questions VC asks an entrepreneur –

How much capital Read more

Common Questions VC asks

At various stages of the company’s growth and development you as founder will attract different kind of investors and they will have different expectations.

Investors requirement

Strong ROI

  • To begin with generally founders raise money from 3Fs (friends, family and fools). 3Fs have sole intent in helping the founders and have faith in their capability.  Then comes the angel investor who is taking on the most risk by investing when the company is in early stage and has yet to generate much revenue but prototype is made or and have beta users or few paying customers.Angel investor looks to make 10-20x for
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What Investors look for in a business venture