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Travelomy - travel guide

Travelomy is a next-generation travel guide that packs features based on rich content, geo-location and social media in a way that provides practical, useful information to a traveller.

Travelomy is product developed by Ciafo, which is a technology startup based out of Bangalore,  Co-founded by Gurjit Sidhu and Amarpreet Kalkat in April 2010. Both Sidhu and Kalkat have spent the last 10 years building internet products at some of the most admired companies, earlier having graduated from IIM Calcutta and IIM Kozhikode

Travelomy has rich content (currently delivered through 6000+ photos and videos) virtually brings places alive for the traveller Read more

Travelomy – your personalized travel guide

Startup Marketing

Startups success really depends on the initial user base, how quickly they can earn them. User acquisition is perhaps the toughest part of building a successful startup. It could be frustrating and could drag on for ages but it could also be a pleasant experience if you are lucky. It can actually make or break a startup. Building an initial user stream takes a lot of work, resources and persistent determination.

I was involved with a number of startups over the past one year and majority of what I have done is Customer acquisition, product management & marketing. Over that … Read more

How Startups can market their product initially


Wipro Technologies, has launched a strategic retail solution, ENCORE (Enhanced Commerce Retail Ecosystem). ENCORE is scalable platform that helps retailers engage customers and manage online retail operations seamlessly.

ENCORE is scalable platform that helps retailers engage customers and manage online retail operations seamlessly.It is an end to end solution that allows retailers unparalleled visibility into their e-commerce Read more

Wipro launches ENCORE – a scalable online retail platform

RockMelt is way different from other normal web browsers, its a social browser. User you can browse with your friends on the left, your favorite sites on the right, and search up top.

It is a realtime browser, which means all the Facebook updates and online status of your friends are notified and also gets notification when your favorite sites, blogs are updated with new information.

-Hitesh,… Read more

RockMelt- Social Browser