Most recently, a friend of mine, a Software Developer came to know that his startup is shutting down, and he will lose his job soon. Well, his fate is better than another colleague, who lost his job on a day’s notice. Startups are great, when they do well, or seem to do wellSo, while many of us are excited about startups, we need to understand why we should join a start-up.

From my startup experiences at Appsterix, which I founded, Inmobi which I joined very early, and Unitedlex where I worked … Read more

When to join a startup


Decisions made Simple




Germin8, a Big Data analytics company, has raised USD 3 million in Series-A funding from Kalaari Capital. The funds will be used to strengthen Germin8’s position in India through increased sales and marketing, and fuel its foray into international markets. A significant portion of the funds will also be deployed for R&D and new product development.

Since the launch of its first product in 2012, Germin8 has leveraged its proprietary technology platform and algorithms to build and reinforce its position as a leading Big Data analytics firm. Germin8, through its proprietary tools, helps … Read more

Kalaari Capital invests $3M in Germin8


Mobile application developer – Twist Mobile, an Indore based mobile apps company has raised undisclosed amount in series A round from  Matrix Partners.  Rishi Navani and Vikram Vaidyanathan  from Matrix partners would join the board of Twist Mobile. Primarily investments will be utilized in promoting the apps and expanding in International location.

Virat Khutal founded Twist Mobile in 2009 and worked with telecom operators but failed to generate traction, Twist Mobile tasted success in its developed apps on smart phones. Twist Mobile apps are centered towards Nokia app store -Ovi, and Dragger is their most popular apps.  The … Read more

Twist Mobile raises investments from Matrix Partners

TurnOff 1

Start up killers are those said statements that may lose the funding for the entrepreneur. When pitching to investors about the new product and business proposition, there is some moment when you know that you have lost your listener. One misspoken comment and everyone wants to leave as soon as possible. Lets look at few turn offs TurnOff

No Competition

There is always competition. In some way customers are fulfilling their needs today. Competition can be as simple as continuing to do things as they are doing them today. Never ever say there is no competition. Investors look for proven … Read more

How to loose VC in 30minutes


If you are starting up a venture and you are not very competent in terms of writing code, should you outsource the development work or set up a tech team to do it. I am often asked by business entrepreneurs if they should outsource the development of their initial prototype. Outsourcing is considered cool as it can be a relatively inexpensive and fast way to create a product.  Though cost savings are real but there is level of risk associated with it. There could be scenarios where entrepreneurs can find themselves with a product that needs to be rebuilt, often … Read more

Should startups outsource their product development?